Kofi Annan

Catalogue of Services

Our company provides the following services:

General services

- Coordinating and managing local, national and international projects.
- Organizing local, national and international conferences and seminars.
- Project fund-raising and financial supervision.

As specialists in sustainable development (SD) and social responsibility (SR)

1. Initial diagnostic of an existing situation in view of applying the approach of sustainable development (SD) and social responsibility (SR).

2. Realization and implementation of the SD/SR process.

3. Monitoring and evaluating the process results.

4. Rectification and improvement.

5. Proposing policy and operational strategy in SD/SR with the backing of international experts.
6. Proposing, recommending and implementing the SD/SR process.

7. Procedure and skills training in SD/SR.

8. Transversal coordinating of the activity of the various participants

9. Promoting and making the concept of SD/SR known

10. Integrating the principles of SD/SR into society.

All of our services at a glance:

Coordinating and managing local, national and international projects
NZI Conseil sees to an integrated development of initiatives and projects by including the different aspects and interdependencies of the local, national, and international participants. It ensures project coordination and management, quality implementation and the respect of deadlines; it commits itself to cost transparency and upright administration.

Organizing local, national and international conferences and seminars
NZI Conseil capably organizes conferences and seminars dealing with relevant subjects pertaining to Sub-Saharan Africa and to North-South relations. It guarantees the recruitment of competent and recognized speakers as well as coordinates the setup of conferences, suitable accommodations and catering for speakers and participants.

Project fundraising and financial supervision
In order to organize public-private financing partnerships, NZI Conseil allows usage of - in as much as a project's fundamentals have been defined beforehand - its network of contacts by the relevant authorities within the non-governmental organizations (NGO) and private organizations. In such cases it assumes the project's financial supervision once the project actually gets underway.

Providing feasibility studies and expert opinions as well as drawing up plans for projects related to SD/SR
NZI Conseil carries out feasibility studies on projects according to the economic, ecological, social and political aspects involved, all the while keeping the local, national and international context in mind. According to the specific central themes around which a project revolves, particularly education, agriculture, public health, civil engineering etc., NZI Consultants makes use of experts with acknowledged skills in a given area.

Education and training in SD/SR and in project management
In order to ensure a positive unfolding of studies and projects, NZI Conseil offers the various national and international participants and/or contributors basic training courses and/or ongoing education in sustainable development and in project management tailored to their specific projects.

Communicating and disseminating information regarding the concept of SD / SR
For its African Sub-Saharan partners NZI Conseil assumes responsibility for increasing public awareness through publicity campaigns and the dissemination of information regarding the concept of SD/SR. On the other hand, with the institutions involved in the North-South dialogue, NZI Conseil operates as go-between and agent.