Charter for Working Together

Productive collaboration is created on the basis of mutual trust where the various partners stay in tune with each other. Any good partnership is also characterized by the complementarity and reciprocity of commitment, as well as by the demonstration of mutual respect.

The ingredients of our recipe for success are:

Client orientation
Listen to the client, understand his needs and respond to his expectations. Provide practical and applicable solutions.

Professional services
Provide competent service and perform professionally from a basis of qualified know-how and appropriate method. Ensure an irreproachable commitment.

Discretion guaranteed
As a reliable partner, guard a strict confidentiality with information obtained and trust extended.

Fair payment
Be honored by befitting remuneration of the just value of the services rendered.

Lasting relationships
Keep up respectful and lasting relationships while guarding a reputation of honesty, fairness and integrity.

In all that is done be respectful of nature, cultural values and human rights. Refrain from giving and/or receiving any gifts as bribes.